Miracle Blanket

This swaddle is 100% Houdini proof! As it uses your baby’s own body weight to keep the wrap tight, the little wings wrap around your baby’s arms in an arm’s down position which is the prefered position to keep the startle reflex under control, whilst the outside wings wrap around your baby twice keeping her warm and secure.

Fabric: 100% cotton, the fabric is the weight/style of a T-shirt

PLEASE NOTE: The Baby photographed in these photos was 16 weeks of age and weighed 6.5kg. Double the size of a newborn!




The Miracle Blanket is the largest selling baby swaddle in the world. The USA offers a money back guarantee … that’s how confident they are that your little one will settle in a Miracle Blanket! It is highly recommended by Pediatricians for those babies suffering from colic.

Appropriately named by parents that use it and the paediatricians who “prescribe” it, the Miracle Blanket® is the cure for screaming, crying, and unhappy babies that wake themselves at night or suffer from colic. Not to be confused with a baby wrap or a zip-up wearable blanket, Miracle Blanket is known worldwide as the “cure” for sleep-deprived parents

How Does the Miracle Blanket Help Babies with colic?

Research shows that the two best unsettled “eliminators” are classic swaddling and gentle abdominal pressure. A lateral belly wrap is a very old Irish remedy for fussiness that is comprised of a long band of “stretchy” fabric that is wrapped around a baby’s abdomen to provide gentle, even, lateral pressure around the baby’s mid-section. Ours is the first and only product that combines these two incredibly effective solutions in one product