Creating a Consistent Sleep Environment for your Baby

Offering your baby a consistent sleep environment is important to help your baby relax, feel secure and drift off quickly to sleep, but did you know that darkening your baby’s sleep environment, whether at home or on the go, is  super important to ease into sleep even faster?


During the day it is crucial to darken your baby’s sleeping space to minimize visual stimulation, which keeps your bub awake and entertained, but most importantly darkness helps boost melatonin which is produced when the brain cannot detect light – tricking it into believing it is night time! The darker the room, the sleepier your baby will become!


When napping indoors, try darkening rooms by covering all windows and shutting doors to stop the sun’s rays. Some parents can become quite clever and use blankets or even aluminium foil to stop the light shining through. But if you want something easy to use that is not an eyesore, I recommend the blackout blinds by Easy Blinds – they are my absolute favourite blinds! They transform a brightly lit room in seconds by attaching easily to the window glass or window panes. They are light in weight and portable so you can take them anywhere you go!


For a more permanent solution check out the EASYBLINDS BLACKOUT Blinds.

Before and After shots taken in baby’s bedroom during the day. 

Now if you are a social butterfly, not scared of venturing out and would still like to keep in contact with the outside world, I recommend getting your hands on the COZIGO.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you should be aware of the dangers of overheating prams by trapping air with wraps or blankets. To keep your baby safe, their space well ventilated and still dark, the Cozigo will become your essential sleep aid. It is a pram cover offering healthy sleep by cutting out 97% of light while still providing great airflow and UV protection.

Parents can enjoy the flexibility to travel, go about their day and not be bound to their homes. Babies, on the other hand, can safely stay in their routine and not be compromised by sleeping on the go! It is an absolute must-have sleep aid!

Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night…

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