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Someone asked me about my job as a Baby Sleep Consultant and “how delightful it is to have that magic touch, hold babies and put them to sleep”. “You must be a Baby Whisperer!!” they giggled. “Yes, its a nice feeling to be able to help the little ones sleep” I answered.

But the main reason I started working as a sleep coach was to help distressed and exhausted parents, specifically mothers who have little to no help during the day – like a ‘parent whisperer’ or a “mummy whisperer” I like to think of it. Helping parents sleep again to cope happily with life and all the hats they wear.

It really is amazing what a necessity SLEEP is to our good health, our sanity, to our relationships, marriages and even to our DRIVING!! Did you know that sleep deprivation affects our reflexes just as bad as someone driving over their alcohol limit, if not worse??? Some parents adapt to this fog like life for years!

Each time I meet a new family I have butterflies in my stomach. It is a feeling of excitement as I enter into their lives and with great gratitude that I do so each time.

I love watching their transformation from completely exhausted parents, slightly sceptical that our work together will actually work for them to these shining, rested, happy Mums and Dads who feel sure of themselves controlling the whole family’s sleep (and SANITY!). Marriages and relationships saved even! Many brag of going out on a date or planning one in the near future!

Knowing that I help drive this positive change in people’s lives makes my job so rewarding. Helping families feel HAPPIER by supporting and guiding them through their Sleep Training journey over our time together… I just love what I do.


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Reach out, I would love to help your family sleep soundly again.

Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night…

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Moonlight Baby Sleep Consultant Catalina Melbourne

When I discovered that sleep was the solution to us being able to enjoy our baby, I wondered why there wasn’t more support and education out there for parents? Why do we think instinct is enough to raise a human when we need education for almost everything else we do in life? I made it my mission to prevent other parents going through what I had and started a tertiary degree in infant and child sleep coaching.

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