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What is sleep training and why use a sleep consultant?

Sleep training involves teaching your baby the skill of independent sleep – settling into sleep and re-settling between sleep cycles.
The benefit of using a Sleep Consultant through this process is the individualized help and encouragement a book does not offer. All our packages include 2 weeks of support which really help answer your questions as they arise and cheer you through your success!

Which sleep techniques do your offer?
I am fully qualified in both ‘Non-Cry’ and ‘Cry’ based sleep techniques which we discuss in depth during our consultation.

How long will training take?
I recommend dedicating 2 weeks to help your baby learn her new skills. Within the first 3-4 days most parents see a big improvement in sleep if they have followed my guidance closely, keeping consistency and perseverance. By the end of the two weeks, your little one should have settled happily into her new sleeping habits and so should the rest of the family! Some babies of course may take a little longer depending on how strong their sleeping associations are.

I don’t like my baby crying, how much crying can I expect?
I try my best to recommend the gentlest techniques to suit your baby’s temperament, a near perfect sleep environment and we will catch your baby’s natural sleepy rhythms holistically, we will never force sleep.
Babies communicate via their cries when they haven’t mastered speech, therefore learning their cry is important to make sure we tend to their every need as necessary. Your baby may cry out of frustration and protest as she learns how to fall asleep but seldom an emotional cry.


When do you recommend working on my baby’s sleep?
I say from the very beginning in the newborn weeks or as soon as you decide it is right for you. New sleeping habits can be introduced at any age when you are ready to make changes.
I only use gentle training techniques when babies are closer to establishing regular sleeping patterns after they are 12 weeks of age. 


Can I access your services if I am not Melbourne based?
Yes, absolutely! I have worked with families interstate and overseas. With the use of technology we have no boundaries! All families are welcome to get in touch!

How do I know which package to choose?
I have tried to make things as simple as possible, choose your baby’s age group Newborn (0-12 weeks), Infant (3-18 months) or Toddler (18 months to 4 years) and choose the available package!
You can book conveniently using our online calendar and make payments via our secure payment system SQUARE.

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