Black EasyNight kit

Awarded Gold for the third time in the Gentle Parenting 2018 awards, easynight blinds are portable, blackout blinds that really work!  A simple and cost effective way of blacking out all the light in your child’s bedroom.  Blackout blinds are highly recommended to create a snoozy sleep environment and assist with melatonin levels for your baby, child, or whole family.

The EasyNight blackout blinds are an easy and quick way to darken your baby’s sleeping space during the day. They help by minimizing visual stimulation keeping your bub entertained.
Most importantly a dark room helps boost melatonin which is produced when the brain cannot detect light – tricking it into thinking it is night time!




Blinds attach to the window glass via suction cups and self-adhesive loop fastener tape to the back of the blackout material (included in the pack).
The kit is a lighter material and more compact if rolled or folded between uses, making it more suitable for travel.

How to use

  1. Apply the suction cups (included in the pack) to the window glass (3M Command(TM) Strips, available separately can be used on PVC or wooden window frames.)
  2. Apply the wide loop strips (included in the pack) to the EasyNight (TM) fabric to match up with the attachments you have placed on the window.
  3. Simply apply and remove your blind as and when needed!

The Blind includes suction cups and velcro loop strips, everything you need to hang your blind!