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Grobag Swaddle Wrap


Looking for a good night’s sleep? Swaddling your little one snug and safe can help them settle and sleep for longer – which means you enjoy some welcome rest too.
This Grobag Swaddle Wrap keeps your baby feeling warm and secure as it reduces their startle reflex for a better night’s sleep. The perfect starter sleepwear to improve sleep quality in young babies. Grobag Swaddle Wraps are suitable for 0-3 months (from 2.27–5.55 kg and up to 60cm)

Made from soft, stretchy cotton that wraps easily around your baby, this swaddle is so simple to use, you don’t have to be wide awake to use it! The special design means the top swaddles your little one, while the bottom allows them to stretch out their legs into a natural hip healthy position so there’s no danger of over tightening. The Grobag baby Swaddle Wrap is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as ‘hip healthy’.

0-3m Swaddle Wrap


0-3m Swaddle Wrap

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Grobag Swaddle Wrap

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