Miracle Blanket

Your baby will sleep longer when using the Miracle Blanket. Even the most wriggly or uneasy baby can be swaddled and calmed to relax into deep slumber without becoming unwrapped. Each nap and  night will be a true miracle as this swaddle hands you a sound sleeping baby.

How the Miracle Blanket works?
Your baby’s own body weight keeps the wrap nice and tight making it completely Houdini proof! Its clever design has the startle reflex in mind as it contains two extra wings inside to hold your baby’s arms side by side using an arm’s down position, whilst the outer material wraps around your baby twice keeping her warm and secure.

Does the Miracle Blanket Help Babies with colic?
Pediatricians highly recommended swaddling babies suffering from colic. Known as the cure for screaming, crying, and unhappy babies that wake themselves at night or suffer from colic, the Miracle Blanket combines belly compression and classic swaddling.

PLEASE NOTE: The Baby photographed in these photos was 16 weeks of age and weighed 6.5kg. Double the size of a newborn!




Miracle Blanket – Swaddle

Helps contain baby’s Startle Reflex and aids sleep.

– Help your baby go to sleep within minutes and for longer duration.
– Calms crying and fussiness for ALL babies
– Helps keep babies on their back as recommended by the AAP
– Recommended for newborn infants up to 14 weeks.
– Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratches, and even the strongest babies stay swaddled during sleep.

Additional Features:
– Item Weight : 185 grams
– Product Dimensions : 25.1 cm x 9.9 cm x 8.9 cm
– Fabric: 100% cotton, weight/style of a T-shirt