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Welcome to Moonlight Baby Sleep

If you are here, you must be looking for a solution to your baby’s sleeping habits. Is it short day naps? Overnight waking? You are struggling to settle your baby?

You must be exhausted and functioning on little energy!

I know this because I have been there myself, so tired that I just needed someone to take the reins and just show me the way.

Let’s begin by getting acquainted, my name is Catalina and founder of Moonlight Baby Sleep. My job is to guide you but together we choose the gentlest technique for your baby. I am qualified to help you restore sleep for your whole family in as little as a few days. 

You can work in the comfort of your own home. No need for sleep school to only go back home and find yourself in the same dilemma. 

It is up to you to make the necessary changes or stay in your current situation.

Join our Moonlight community of families who now enjoy a full night’s sleep thanks to the help of our Moonlight services and award winning baby sleep aids.

Why Your Baby's Sleep is Important

Not realizing how much sleep babies need and why is a common issue. Born so immaturely, babies need the time during sleep to keep developing neurologically, physically and emotionally.

What I do to help your baby sleep

Sleep is a learnt skill for some babies. Unfortunately they do not come with a manual so think of me as your personalised manual to your baby sleeping soundly.

How I help you with tailored solutions

I will guide you every step of the way, tweaking techniques to suit your baby.
No book will listen to your concerns or support you each day… I will.

Tailored Solutions For Your Child

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Recommended Sleep Aids

Meet Our Happy Families

We honestly can’t thank you enough for your patience, kindness, advice and support and most of all giving us all our sleep back- the outcome has been unbelievable and our only regret is not contacting you sooner!

Most importantly, our son is now much happier, calmer and enjoys his new routine. Your kind, caring and non-judgemental nature makes you perfect for your job! Thanks for your genuine interest and phone calls to check in to see how we’re doing, it’s been an amazing support!

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Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night…

Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night...

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