The award winning Sleepytot is the perfect comforter to help your child sleep through which means no more dummy runs in the night for you! Sleepytot will help your little ones find their own dummies. Guess what? Tried, tested and it works!
Sleepytots use a hook and loop Velcro system on each paw to attach to cot bars during naps and overnight. His other paws are free to hold onto multiple dummies making it easy for baby to be comforted, self-soothe and keep sleeping through!

During the day he grabs onto baby’s car seat or buggy straps so he never gets lost. Sleepytots hold onto teethers and small toys to keep your baby busy and entertained.

When the time finally comes, he even makes it easier for babies and toddlers to give up their dummies! Just replace the dummies one by one with a special toy! Toddlers love him because there are so many ways to play with his little paws.




20 Smooth and Soothing Sounds for you to choose from – suitable from newborns to the elderly.