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Welcome to Moonlight Baby Sleep

Let’s begin by getting acquainted, my name is Catalina, I am a Melbourne based Baby Sleep Consultant and founder of Moonlight Baby Sleep.

If you are here,  you are searching for answers to your little one’s disturbed sleep antics and longing for a good night of sleep!

What is troubling you? Is it short day naps? Overnight waking? Or are you struggling with settling your baby?

What ever the sleep issue, you must feeling exhausted, defeated and functioning on little energy.

Being there myself, I understand. Feeling so tired, you need someone to take the reins and guide the way.

As a Baby Sleep Consultant and fellow mother, I’ll be dedicated to your family, always cheering you on as you achieve your sleep goals to restore sleep for your whole family in as little as a few days.

Work in the comfort of your own home. No need for sleep school to only go back home and find yourself in the same dilemma. 

Making the necessary changes is completely up to you so why don’t you book in for a private chat to find out more. 

Join our Moonlight community of families who now enjoy a full night’s sleep thanks to the help of our Moonlight services and award winning baby sleep aids.


Why Your Baby's Sleep is Important

Not realizing how much sleep babies need and why is a common issue. Born so immaturely, babies need the time during sleep to continue their neurological, physical and emotional developments.

What I do to help your baby sleep

Unfortunately your baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual so think of me as just that!
I will support you as you teach your baby the skill of independent sleep whilst implementing a healthy balance of day and night sleep.

How I help you with tailored solutions

As your private Baby Sleep Consultant, I will guide you every step of the way, tweaking techniques to suit your unique little baby.
No book will listen to your concerns or support you each day like I will.

Tailored Solutions For Your Child

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Meet Our Happy Families

Happy Client Review

I called Catalina in when my baby boy was about 12 months old. I must have spoken to almost 20 sleeping consultants, including Catalina. Compared to other consultants, Catalina was very patient, sincere and calm during my very initial enquiry call. She asked about my boy’s routine in detail, and gave some constructive comments as to what I did wrong.

Our very first call before I engaged her lasted for almost 30min and she assured me that she would respect our parenting style and make a tailored plan to suit our family (and so she did!).

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Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night…

Catalina - Moonlight Baby Sleep Consultant
Certification Badge and Natural Therapists Membership

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Start improving your family's sound sleep by making these changes. You may see instant results. Good Luck!


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