Group Workshops




Learn the science behind sleep, settling techniques and more

Workshops run for 60-90 minutes tailored around Settling Techniques, Pre-birth, Mothers Group sessions for following age groups:

• Newborns to 3 months    • 3-6 months    • 6 months to 12 months    • Toddlers – 4 years

A minimum booking of four adults per workshop.

Choose between three workshops currently on offer:

Newborn Settling

Teaching how to soothe a baby quickly is beneficial for parents as they avoid becoming overwhelmed and feel a little more in control.

There are two settling techniques we practice together in this hands-on workshop.

The importance of swaddling is also explored and different ways to swaddle are taught so each parent has options to choose from. Not all newborns are the same and at this young age they show their preference from arms down, across the chest or even hands near the mouth to soothe.

Implementing Healthy Sleep Habits

Here we look in depth into how important a sleep environment is for healthy sleep, teaching sleep cues and associations, avoiding overtiredness and more.

Science of Sleep - The First 5 Years

This workshop teaches the science behind sleep. We look at brain maturity and capacity of wake windows throughout the first 5 years until naps disappear.

Having this understanding really helps parents avoid their bubs becoming overtired and also those dreaded bedtime battles.

Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night...

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