Baby Sleep Tips

Dealing with Illnesses and Sleep

I feel your pain... There is nothing worse than a sick little bubba! Whether its teething, an ear infection, a fever, snotty and congested colds, fluey symptoms, tummy bugs... the list goes on and on! What's worse is your baby can't tell you what's wrong and we...

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Helping Tired Parents

Someone asked me about my job as a Baby Sleep Consultant and "how delightful it is to have that magic touch, hold babies and put them to sleep". "You must be a Baby Whisperer!!" they giggled. "Yes, its a nice feeling to be able to help the little ones sleep" I...

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Moonlight Baby Sleep Consultant Catalina Melbourne

When I discovered that sleep was the solution to us being able to enjoy our baby, I wondered why there wasn’t more support and education out there for parents? Why do we think instinct is enough to raise a human when we need education for almost everything else we do in life? I made it my mission to prevent other parents going through what I had and started a tertiary degree in infant and child sleep coaching.

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