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Dealing with Illnesses and Sleep

I feel your pain… There is nothing worse than a sick little bubba! Whether its teething, an ear infection, a fever, snotty and congested colds, fluey symptoms, tummy bugs… the list goes on and on! What’s worse is your baby can’t tell you what’s wrong and we quickly put on

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Helping Tired Parents

Someone asked me about my job as a Baby Sleep Consultant and “how delightful it is to have that magic touch, hold babies and put them to sleep”. “You must be a Baby Whisperer!!” they giggled. “Yes, its a nice feeling to be able to help the little ones sleep”

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Creating a Consistent Sleep Environment for your Baby

Offering your baby a consistent sleep environment is important to help your baby relax, feel secure and drift off quickly to sleep, but did you know that darkening your baby’s sleep environment, whether at home or on the go, is  super important to ease into sleep even faster? During the

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Teaching Sleep Associations and Introducing a comforter

Teaching your baby healthy sleep associations is a good way to help with settling just before sleep. Babies love repetition and will thrive when you implement a routine following certain cues so that she knows what to expect at each time of the day. You may introduce sleep cues or

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Why and How Long to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

“Why” and “How long” you should swaddle your newborn baby are the questions of every new parent. Swaddling is an ancient practice of wrapping newborns in wraps or blankets so that movement of the arms is tightly restricted to help with an immature nervous system, causing sensitivity to the Startle

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Night Lights “Yay or Nay”?

So the big question is should we be using night lights in the bedroom? My answer is simple, keep your sleep environment as dark as possible, closest to pitch black is best. By using a light during the night you are interfering with your melatonin levels and confusing the brain

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When I discovered that sleep was the solution to us being able to enjoy our baby, I wondered why there wasn’t more support and education out there for parents? Why do we think instinct is enough to raise a human when we need education for almost everything else we do in life? I made it my mission to prevent other parents going through what I had and started a tertiary degree in infant and child sleep coaching.

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