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meet the family behind moonlight baby sleep

As a mother of two boys, I have been where you probably are right now.

With my first child, I naively dove into motherhood thinking my maternal instinct would kick in and simply be enough to help me understand how to look after my baby. I was wrong.

My son was screaming at nights, and I would feed him on demand till he fell asleep for sometimes only half an hour, then repeat.

I would begin my day exhausted, feeling powerless, with no idea how to help my child.

I began researching different techniques to help my family get rest.

Through a lot of unnecessary trial and error, my husband and I found methods that gave us some sleep. It was this sleep that gave us a sense of calm. Composed, we were actually able to think again and enjoy being parents.


When I discovered that sleep was the solution to us being able to enjoy our baby, I wondered why there wasn’t more support and education out there for parents?

Why do we think instinct is enough to raise a human when we need education for almost everything else we do in life?

I made it my mission to prevent other parents going through what I had and started a tertiary degree in infant and child sleep coaching.

My training educated me on the science of why we need to rest, what sleeping methods are available and how to implement techniques for specific circumstances.

Education gave me the tools to understand when a child can benefit from sleep training, or if there is a specialised medical related sleep issue.

During the assessment, I work with parents to understand the family as a whole and why there may be an existing disturbed sleep pattern, before devising personalised techniques and routines to improve the sleeping issues.

I then continue to work with the family until the problem is resolved, to ensure results with every child.

I love working with families to find practical solutions to make their family life happier and healthier.

I am grateful every day for those dark days with my first child, which led me to be able to help other families. It is a genuine privilege that my job is to empower parents and help babies sleep and thrive.

Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists 
At request I provide a
Police Check certificate and Working with Children Check.
AON Insurance for f
ull indemnity and public liability.

Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night...

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