CoziGo is one of the best stroller covers on the market with a simple pop up design that fits all strollers, capsules, and Moses baskets.

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CoziGo - Multi Award Winning Pram Cover
Lengthens baby's sleep.

- Universal Fit for all stroller styles, bassinets and airplane cots
- 100% breathable & air permeable - your baby will breath comfortably and never overheat
- Protects baby from germs - ensure a healthier environment by limiting your baby's exposure from unwanted germs
- Improves baby sleep by up to 500% - blocks 97% of light and all distractions so your baby will fall asleep fast and for longer
- Stress free outings and flying - prevents in-flight meltdowns & over-tiredness from your baby when you're on the go and traveling
- Excellent sun protection - 50+ UVP so your little one will always be protected from the dangers of the sun
- Cross flow ventilation - The unique dome shape allows your bundle of joy to have a nice refreshing breeze with plenty of kick space. It’s air permeable and breathable!
- Easy to use - pop, clip & go in seconds and packs in to a small bag quickly
- Two-way zippers - on each side so you can open one or b

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Dimensions 29 × 25 × 8 cm


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