The Grolight is an ingenious 2-in-1 nightlight unlike any other. Perfect from birth, it easily attaches to your normal light fitting, meaning you can turn it from your normal overhead light or bedside lamp to a night-light at the flick of your switch. The Gro -light adapts your existing light to an adjustable nightlight. Easy to use – simply plug in to any light fitting and control from your light switch – 1 click of the switch for a soothing LED glow or 2 clicks for your main light bulb. No plug socket required!  Perfect for multiple uses including night feeds, checking on your child, landings or for toddlers.





  • Easy to install. Easy to use
  • Adjustable brightness with LED lighting
  • Easy to control using normal light switch
  • Suitable from birth


  • Easily attaches to normal bayonet and Edison screw light fittings and bedside lamps
  • Find a setting suitable for you and your baby
  • First flick of the switch will flick on the dim light. Second flick will activate normal light. Automatically resets once switched off.
  • Can be used in baby’s nursery or toddler’s room


  • More energy and cost efficient than built in dimmers. No electrician required.
  • LED lighting won’t disturb or stimulate your baby or toddler. Provides a comfortable lighting for night time feeds.
  • No need to adjust light settings during the night
  • Ideal for mum and baby during night time feeds and nappy changes. Provides soft lighting for toddlers rooms and hallway lights for toddler toilet training and safety.